In a groundbreaking chapter of Kansas City’s history, our city reached new heights with the completion of the largest single infrastructure project to date. At the heart of this monumental transformation stood the newly minted single terminal at KCI Airport, a testament to modern engineering and community collaboration.

The $1.5 billion masterpiece that is the new KCI Airport terminal not only redefined the city’s architectural landscape but also echoed the city’s commitment to progress, connectivity, and inclusivity. With 39 gates spread across its sprawling expanse, the terminal breathed life into the city’s ambitions of becoming a regional and global hub.

A symbol of Kansas City’s aspirations, this terminal was more than just a structure; it was a gateway to new opportunities and connections that would ripple through every facet of the city.

Yet, beyond the concrete and steel, the KCI Airport terminal bore another hallmark of Kansas City’s values: its dedication to fostering diversity and empowering local communities. This commitment was reflected in the terminal’s staggering success of hosting 126+ minority and women-owned businesses.

This was more than just a statistic; it was a pledge fulfilled, a promise kept. These businesses were not just tenants within the terminal; they were the embodiment of the city’s ethos, a living testament to the power of unity in diversity.

Parrish & Sons Construction’s contribution extended far beyond bricks and mortar. Their partnership with local communities, commitment to sustainable practices, and emphasis on hiring from within the city’s diverse talent pool infused the project with a sense of authenticity and pride. The firm’s leadership understood that a project of this magnitude was more than just a construction venture; it was an opportunity to shape the city’s future and leave a legacy of positive impact for generations to come.

As the inaugural flights took off from the new KCI Airport terminal, the city’s collective gaze turned skyward, witnessing the result of years of hard work, collaboration, and visionary leadership. The terminal was more than a transportation hub; it was a testament to the power of collective determination.


The Three Light project commenced with the meticulous removal of existing structures, paving the way for the new tower’s construction, and were led by Parrish & Sons Construction. Setting the stage for the grand transformation that followed.

The $140 million 26-story tower project at Truman Road and Main Street encapsulates the prowess of construction and urban development. Every phase of this project has contributed to reshaping the city’s skyline and revitalizing its urban fabric.


The Engineering and Technology Center, already a hub of innovation, was about to undergo a metamorphosis. The center’s existing capabilities, like the fabrication and 3D printing labs, were known for fostering collaboration and ingenuity. Now, a visionary expansion aimed to elevate these offerings, bringing together the realms of engineering, technology, and graphic design in a symphony of creativity.

The $7 million renovation and addition aimed to create a seamless connection between disciplines. This bold move would encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and position the program as a tangible asset to the community. The strategic placement on the south edge of the campus was more than geographical—it was symbolic of the program’s openness, bridging academia and the world beyond.


In the heart of the United States, where history and innovation converge, lies the vibrant city of Kansas City. While its iconic jazz scene and rich cultural heritage have always defined its identity, a pivotal
development would soon add a new chapter to its story. The Kansas City Streetcar, stretching its tracks from the historic River Market to the grandeur of Union Station, transformed the city’s landscape and transported its residents into a new era of connectivity and growth.

The streetcar’s arrival wasn’t just about the mechanical clatter of wheels on tracks; it signaled the dawn of a more accessible and sustainable urban experience. For years, Downtown Kansas City had been longing for a catalyst to revitalize its cultural scene, invigorate its economy, and foster a sense of community. The streetcar became that very catalyst, seamlessly connecting historic landmarks, local businesses, and cultural institutions.

The significance of Parrish & Sons involvement resonates beyond the steel tracks and sleek cars. We’ve etched our mark on the city’s narrative, a reminder that diversity and inclusivity are the bedrock of progress.

The Street Car project unfolded in four phases at the same location. Phase one involved adding an extension to the Vehicle Maintenance Facility (VMF), while Phase two saw the construction of a nearby warehouse. Phase three focused on remodeling an existing VMF warehouse, and Phase four improved the VMF offices. These steps transformed the location functionally and aesthetically.

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